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Uzbekistan Airlines/Flights Directory

If you are traveling to Uzbekistan and looking for a place where you can find a list of all airlines in Uzbekistan , this Uzbekistan airlines directory can help you finding them.

Airlines are the one of the most popular and fastest way to travel from one country to another country in a quick time. Although there are number of other medium to travel Uzbekistan but as far as the convenience and time management is concern, Uzbekistan airline would be the best choice to travel.

Uzbekistan is one of the famous countries in the world and serve hundred of thousands air travelers every month. Uzbekistan has got some of the best airlines as far as the airline rating is concern. In this Uzbekistan airlines directory, you an easily locate the official airline websites operating to and from Uzbekistan .

Here you can get information about the airline services, if they are into passengers only or provide cargo services too. Updated phone number & fax number can also be found.

Airlines in Uzbekistan

Main Base
IATA code
ICAO code
Avialeasing Tashkent (TAS) +998 71 120 4950 EC TWN cargo +998 71 120 4951 1992
Inter-Cargo Service Tashkent (TAS) - ICF cargo 1998
Qanot Sharq Tashkent (TAS) - QNT 2005
Samarkand Airways Tashkent (TAS) + 998 71 1203046 C7 UZS pax 2005
TAPO-Avia Tashkent (TAS) 4C TPR 1999
Uzbekistan Airways Tashkent (TAS) +998 71 233 5000 HY UZB pax+cargo +998 71 136 7500 1992 Site