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Kulula Airline




Kulula Airline is a 737 low-fare carrier having its base in South Africa. Currently, this airline received a distinct paint scheme. This small airline has revamped its planes in a new fashion and has painted them in bright green covering with self-referential labels. It is painted new to gain attention in an unconventional way.




South Africa is developing recently and the growth is apparent in the airline industry that introduced in 1990s, the only airline South African Airways as the national carrier.


However, due to its monopoly, it kept its prices high and only few could afford flying. The service levels were also low as there was no other competitor and people had to fly with SAA due to no other choice.


This gave rise to the first low cost airline in South Africa that operated as no frills airline in the UK and the US. In 2001, South Africa got the first airline called Kulula meaning simple or easy.


This airline was owned by a British Airways subsidiary, Comair.




Kulula Airline flights seats are much better than the taxi seats. The black box is colored orange, the tail is featured an awesome logo and the landing gear comes as standard.


Kulula Airline was cheaper was the greatest feature and they were not offered beverage or food for routes taking less than 3 hours was very well accepted by travelers.


Thereby the popularity grew and the interesting fact was the staff interacted with clients very well by telling jokes and the word of mouth made Kulula a favorable airline.




Kulula Airline launched in June 2010 an advertising campaign announcing offering affordable flights and this was done in respect to the world cup tournament of Football held in South Africa.


The status is Kulula is growing despite stiff competition and has branched into various other ventures such as hiring a car, booking hotel and having their loyalty card.